Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Day 167 - 20th June 2017 - Grandmother's Journal, Purple Finch and Song Sparrow

Raining again this morning. The rain is one thing, wish the high humidity could be  cut in half. Ugh! Song Sparrow and Red Eyed Vireo are competing near the yard, both voices loud and strong.Tomorrow looks like better weather. Busy day at work, school kids in the morning, visitors most of the afternoon. Another day or two of work then I'm off for a couple of days, sure hope I strike one fine day just to get out and roam.
Grandmother's Journal: 
20 Jun 1977 - Kim & I to town early. Overcast with misty fog. Home early. Bob home alone today. Gertrude over to play crib. Bob's back is acting up tonight. I'm upset as usual. Tom outside tonight, Deer in new apple trees last night.
21 Jun 1977 - On way to town, had to use wipers. Fog and light drizzle. Busy. Had my hair done. Mike came back with me. Tom out again tonight, I hate to have him go out. He goes but doesn't really want to.
22 Jun 1977 - Rain and light drizzle all day and evening. Mike stayed with Bob today. To town as usual. Home early. Started to grade the road today. No game. One owl on way to work.
 Male Purple Finch lurking in the Apple tree.
 There is always a Song Sparrow hanging out on the fences.

Snowball bush.

Enjoy your day!

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