Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Day 174 - 27th June 2017 - Honeysuckle, Boats and a Rabbit

Monday was a beautiful day but pretty breezy on the waterfront, almost lost my bonnet a couple of times!  A good day at work, there are a few more visitors starting to roam around and they all seem to be happy visiting the museums. We are so rich in history, not to mention beautiful landscapes to explore. As they say there is no place like home and I enjoy sharing it with others. Today I'm in for a change of pace and get to wear regular clothes as I'm filling in at the Shelburne County Museum.  But first I get to roam the hood before catching my ride with Nancy to town. Yesterday it was pretty quiet except for the buzz of mosquitoes.
 Honeysuckle Bush in bloom
 Love the summer when boats are anchored in the harbour.
Seems to be more rabbits around then birds these days.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. My honeysuckle is on a vine... very aggressive. I didn't realize that there was a bush. It's beautiful. I must look into trying to find one. :)