Monday, June 26, 2017

Day 173 - 26th June 2017 - Lupins, Dandelions and Daisies

Monday morning and the work week begins once again. Sunday turned out hot, spent most of the day at home, except a run into to town after supper for groceries. Larry split wood and helped out a friend up the road with some carpentry work. I puttered around in the kitchen, roamed the hood and enjoyed a little deck time. Cathy came for coffee - nice to catch up with her since we've not had much of a chance to chat since I returned to work.  Just another over exciting day in the country, but chances are I wouldn't trade it for anything.
 The wild flowers along the road side look like someone's perfect garden bed.
 Lots of nice colors - Lupins, Daisies and Dandelions.

Enjoy your day!

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