Sunday, June 4, 2017

Day 151 - 4th June 2017 - Azalea, Maple Seeds and Song Sparrow

Listening to the Loons, Owls and Song Sparrows this morning on the deck. Looks like another fine day on it's way, sun is rolling out-twinkling through the trees, my favourite time of the day. Might take a run to the Industrial Park before work this morning and see if there are any Warblers around. It's usually a good area, quick and easy place to spot some actions. Good day at work on Saturday, although quiet all afternoon but we enjoyed the sounds of a musical group playing in the afternoon at the new Guild Hall.
 Azalea in bloom - beautiful flowers.

Seeds are all out on the Maple trees.
A Song Sparrow tucked among the branches.

Enjoy your day!

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