Monday, June 19, 2017

Day 166 - 19th June 2017 - Lady Slipper, Dragonfly and the Lake

Foggy, windy morning with high humidity.A chance of drizzle or showers today. Long range looks like a mix of sun and rain for this week, although we all know that can change from day to day pretty quickly. A good day at work Sunday, few visitors around. Greta and I  found time to do a repackaging project we had been talking about and came up with a few new ideas for things. We can always keep busy. Another school group this morning, so that will keep us on our toes, wish the weather was going to be better for it. Nancy, my regular morning ride is back from holidays so I'll only be traveling with Larry on Wednesday morning. Means I can get my morning walk in and won't get to town quite so early.
 A couple of Mallards hang out on a rock
 Lady Slippers are blooming
Lots of Dragonflies around.

Enjoy your day!

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