Saturday, June 17, 2017

Day 164 - 17th June 2017 - Reflections, Grackle, Dragonfly and Iris

Had a great day off - got some housework done, but didn't work to hard, roamed the hood and took a little time on the deck. Weather was nice until about supper time when showers started. I did go for a short walk in the rain, listening to the sweet song of a Hermit Thrush as I wandered. Most birds seem to be nesting or have young they are tending to. I had several irate mothers chirping at me because they felt I was "too close", although in one case I never did notice a nest or babies. This morning it's groceries then off to work. Suppose to be a wet day, we can use it- the lake is dropping.
 Perfect for reflections
This was certainly a homely youngster - Grackle, I think. He would squawk for food and both parents were across the road screeching at me!
 Iris' from my garden weed beds.
Lots of Dragonflies and Damselflies around.

Enjoy your day!

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