Thursday, June 22, 2017

Day 169 - 22nd June 2017 - Mallard, Flower Baskets and Peonies

My day off and I get up at 4 am - dumb! Just when I think I'm sleeping better I do that, oh well those mornings are fewer and farther between lately, so I'll take what I get.  An Owl is hooting up the lake, other than that it's a true morning of silence. I must say I enjoy the solitude of early mornings, time to myself to figure and plan out the day before the rest of the world comes alive. Yesterday was fine and I went in with Larry so roamed the waterfront a little. Looking forward today to checking out the hood and seeing what's been going on around here.
A female Mallard - basically those around the waterfront could care less about people. 
 The flower baskets are all up now, adding a cheerful look.
Peonies will soon be in bloom at the Museum garden.

Enjoy your day!

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