Saturday, June 10, 2017

Day 157 - 10th June 2017 - American Redstart, Lupins and Pileated Woodpecker

Friday's rain should dampen things for a bit. Boy did it rain hard most of the day! Just before supper it cleared then in the evening a few showers again. This morning the sun is shining through and looks like it will be a great day! Made good use of my day - got lots done in the morning then Marg and I had our Thelma & Louise day! It was raining so hard we decided to stick to lunch in town, did a few errands and picked up our Chase the Ace tickets. No Cardinals at the Tim's drive thru -not that I blame them. Today Larry and I will head out to do some birding - although I have no idea where I want to go. Driving long distances and walking through uneven terrain has gotten really hard on his bad hip these days so I try not to over do it for him. Am sure I'll find somewhere to go. Then it's groceries.
 An American Redstart pokes his head out from some maple leaves.
 The Lupins are in bloom along the roadside.
Poor shot - Pileated Woodpecker flying over.

Enjoy your day!

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