Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Day 160 - 13th June 2017 - Mossing and Daisies

Monday was a beautiful day and hot, hot even on the waterfront. Busy at work, helping our Curator with the upcoming exhibit. The blackflies are miserable this year - they are everywhere even in Town. That's one part of summer that can leave as quick as they come. Looks like another nice day coming up. For some reason photos are slow uploading this morning, so I have no patience to wait for more! This internet is better than the old but still not high speed. Lots of birds out there singing at daybreak. I think the Song Sparrows and Red Eyed Vireos would sing all day with very little break.
Mossing in the harbour.
Daisies are such a simple flower but pretty in bunch like this.

Enjoy your day!

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