Saturday, June 24, 2017

Day 171 - 24th June 2017 - Hermit Thrush, Red Eyed Vireo and Chipmunk

After a couple of nice days off, it's back to work today for me and rain. Of course I slept in this morning.  Friday was great, finished off a few things around the house, got out for my walk, lunch with Margie, got our tickets for tonight and we went to Friday night club. A well rounded day! Rain did arrive late in the afternoon and evening. Seems that some of the young birds are leaving the nest now. Overall my patch is still quieter than I would expect, the number of species seems to have taken a downturn over the last few years.
A Hermit Thrush Fledgling. I stayed my distance as I could hear his Mom calling nearby.

 Red Eyed Vireo
Chimpmunk - I have no idea what he was eating in the branches, maybe some berries.

Enjoy your day!

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