Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Day 154 - 7th June 2017 - Reflections, Song Sparrow, Steeple and Bleeding Hearts

The sun came up with splashes of red, so maybe a little storm weather in the future. Owls up the lake, Song Sparrows singing in the nearby trees and Robins fetching worms in the yard. Tuesday felt more like late March or October instead of June, brrrr it was cold and windy. Some drizzle but not much in the way of rain. Looks like we might have had a shower overnight. Larry built a fire in the furnace after supper, hoping that comes to an end soon. I put together a turkey casserole with cheesy biscuit topping for the suppers the next few nights. One of my favourite recipes for leftover turkey. I was tired by that time and opted for an early night, even though I had other things I should do. Off to work again today, beginning to get into the routine and enjoying the work.
 Monday morning was lovely up the harbour - perfect reflecions.
 We can often find a Song Sparrow hanging out on the Museum fences
 The Steeple on Cox's Warehouse - a feature from the movie "Scarlet Letter" has remained. Most people forget it wasn't always there.
Bleeding Hearts - beautiful early summer flowers.

Enjoy your day!

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