Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Day 213 - 31st July 2013 - Song Sparrow, Blackburnian Warbler, Eagle and Ducks

So once again we are saying goodbye to another month, can't believe how fast the summer is flying by. Feeling more like myself this morning, up early and rested. Daylight isn't coming quite as early as it was a month ago. I miss that most of all, I can still see a sliver of the moon in the sky. Home today and it promises to be a sunny day so I'll buzz around and get some housework done, then Lexi and I can haunt the hood and spend some time outside. That's my plans for the day!
The best part of going to work is the walk I take in the morning to catch my ride. It can take 5 mins and I meet Nancy at the head of the road in bad weather or an hour to walk in and take pictures and enjoy the lake and whatever else I may see. Sometimes like yesterday I find a new bird and stop to talk to a neighbour walking his dog. We saw the eagle but I didn't get good photos, the bushes were to high for me to see well and when I did get to the cove and the edge of the lake he was up in a tree. So there is always another day to try for that guy. Work was good, lots of things done - I spent some time in the house cleaning mode and am making progress there. Came back from lunch very wet as I got caught in the thunder/lightning downpour. It didn't last long and the sun returned. After supper I headed back out to the hood and was lucky enough to catch all the ducks at Myrna's including a mother and 5 babies. Are they ever cute and so energetic. I believe this is the brood that started off as 8.
 A young Song Sparrow has found a maple seed for breakfast.
 A Blackburnian Warbler, a new find for me.
 It's really hard to see the Eagle but he's at the top of the tree, hopefully I'll get a better shot of him.
 First time I've seen a rabbit on the side of the road in a long time.
 And this is the real Thistle.
 The lake was beautiful last evening.
 Tormenting the dog.
 Nap time for the babies.
 But not for long, they were soon up and playing in the lake.

 Mom stays pretty close keeping an eye on their antics.

Bottoms Up!

Enjoy your day!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Day 212 - 30th July 2013 - Back to the Birds, Ducks and Cobwebs

Well I'm up and awake sort of. I can truthfully say this is one more I could have stayed in bed a little longer but here I am. No rain or fog so far this morning, so all is good with my internet so far. A chance of showers for today. Off to work this morning, getting ready to switch some computers around and change our system. Thank goodness it's not me doing it or I'm sure one would go out the window. Larry and Lexi are spatting this morning, not sure why but I'm staying out of it!
Got Monday over with - YAH! I was busy, tired and hot all day. Skipped exercise to do some laundry and a bit of the weekend housework that didn't get done. Nipped out for a quick run around the hood, not much to offer except for mosquitoes which were out for blood and apparently lots of it by the looks of the welts on my legs when I got home. Larry's been up to the garden battling cabbage caterpillars - not a good thing, they are everywhere. Second night in the row he's come home with a bucket of peas to shell out. Looks like it's time to start freeze some for winter.
 The ducks fly off into the morning fog. I hear we lost one adult duck to an Eagle on the weekend. Nature at her cruelest.

 Looks like a young bird, I was originally thinking Northern Parula but not sure now.
 Will see if I can find him/her again.
 Monday was foggy, that's for sure.
 Quite an artist I think.
 Black and White Warbler I believe.
Mourning Dove sitting high in the evening sun. I call them Country Pigeons.
 And off they go again.

 These ones at least let me take a few pics before flying off. Guess the eagle has made everyone nervous.

Enjoy your day!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Day 211 - 29th July 2013 - Reality, Sparrow, Whimbrels and Irish

Well I can tell I'm home again when I wake up and have no internet! Applause to Eastlink for their horrible service! I did let them know what a pleasure it was to deal with Aliant on the weekend with no service interruptions and reminded him to log my daily complaint! So that was reality, slept well and long but still dragging my feet this morning, hope no one notices if I am just moving through the motions. The girls kept me up to late at night and it will take a few days for me to bounce back - being the oldest in the group, these things happen. Here I am at work and seems I`ve got some things to get done. I`ll see when I get home tonight if I`ve got the energy for exercise class.
Sunday wasn't quite so busy, I spend some time on the beach early in the morning while the rest of the girls slept and then we all head off to breakfast at the Legion. Nice to support another group when we are away from home. It was our last day in Lockeport, it was such a great time. Can't believe how much some of the  younger artists have improved and developed the sounds over the last year. We have some awesome local talent. Stayed until about 3:30, things were pretty well winding down, packed up our stuff and headed out. The Pit crew will come and pick up the camper for us. Home again - Larry and Lexi survived without me and I just smiled when I noticed that the floor hadn't been swept, etc. Oh well life at home returns.
 Not sure, but this might be a Savannah Sparrow.
 A flock of Whimbrels this morning where on the beach.
 Apparently they are migrating now - rah for me a new one to my list.

 The sun was fighting through the clouds and fog.
 Love the way the light shines on the beach.
 Lots of waves.
 We went back later in the morning and the fog had rolled back in, hope this surfer had a successful day.
 Back to the stage - Irish performed as well as several others including 4 young artists who had been included in a workshop all weekend. Great job.

Enjoy your day!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Day 210 - 28th July 2013 - 2nd Day of Harmony Bazaar, Surf and Sunset.

5:30 am and I"m up and moving, another foggy morning, but am thankful the weather co-operated for the weekend. These girls aren't quite so lively at this hour of the day! I'm soon going to head down to the beach and see if maybe there are something besides gulls around. Never know what I might find. There are more activities today and the the festival winds down this afternoon. Not sure how long we'll stay but we will catch some of the events. It's been a great weekend with the girls, lots of laughs and sometimes like guys we just need our own "fishing or hunting" trip like the men folk. Every once in awhile you need a break even if it is only a few miles from home. I think this will probably become an annual event.
Wow what a long day yesterday but filled full of fun and running around. I started the day at the Lockeport beach around 6:30 am, pretty foggy but lots of waves. Finally got the rest of the crew mobile and we headed over to the Breakfast at the Legion around 8:30, hit the spot. Some down time, then off to catch  the offsite events around town. Open mike began at noon, followed by numerous other shows with great artists both new and old throughout the day. The evening headliner was Bif Naked at 8:30 by that time I'm beginning to run out of steam. You know I just don't do late nights but I did manage to hang on til about midnight before I crashed. I'm always the first to turn in.
 The Morning Surf.
 Dana Beeler at the Library.
 Alex Hickey
Irish Mythem - an awesome  presence on stage.

Christine Campbell.

 Doris Mason did a fabulous job on Rita McNeil's songs.
 Irish, Katy and Doris were great.
Bif Naked was the headliner last evening. Not quite we expected, but a good songstress.

And the sun set.

I've even managed to make my coffee this morning with one of those bloody fancy machines that everyone has these days. Yesterday morning I just gave up and went to instant.
Enjoy your day!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Day 209 - 27th July 2013 - Harmony Bazaar, Camping for the weekend.

Well a foggy morning, I'm up at my normal hour even though I was late getting to bed but I'm sure the adrenaline will carry me  through. I can burn and crash when I get home on Sunday. This is a great music festival so if you are free today, come down and enjoy the sounds. Tonight's headliner is Bif Naked - new to me but apparently quite well known and an awesome performer. Lots of local talent during the day and then some other more well known artists as the day goes on. Don't fool yourself we have some pretty fabulous local female singers. For now I think I'll grab another coffee and maybe hit the streets and beach to see if any birds are lurking around.
Got the internet settled for the day Friday, lots of things done around the house and took off for Lockeport mid afternoon. If you've ever seen the commercial where the woman comes running out of the store screaming "start the car, start the car" well that was Denna as we drove in to pick her up at her house. Wish I had my camera out! Oh we laughed and that started our adventure. Landed in Lockeport before supper, stop at the LC, and on to the camper that the guys had set up for us. All the comforts of home. Thanks to the property owner we had power which means all the comforts of home - gotta love camping! Great performers last evening, things started to roll around 5pm and at 8:30 Suzy McNeil took the stage. What a fabulous entertainer she is. At 11pm we were finally catching a bite to eat, then it was off to bed with giggles - not sure how 4 grown women can laugh at so much but we did. Tonight there will probably be 7 of us - more fun I'm sure. It was a great evening for photos as the rain held off but the fog rolled in.
 Breagh McKinnon from Cape Breton.
Doris Mason tickles the keyboard.
Rhonda Baker, a contemporary dancer showed her moves to tunes from Harmony Bazaar artists.
Shelly Meisner, a from the area has an awesome voice and can belt out the tunes.

Christine Campbell, who I first heard last year has one fabulous voice.
Mo Kenney, another great voice.

Suzy McNeil was amazing, the audience loved her. She was on the stage, down with the audience and rocking the town.

Enjoy your day!