Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Day 192 - 10th July 2013 - Ducks, Ducks and More Ducks, Daylilies

Wednesday and my day off. Woke up to some fool with heavy machinery stopped somewhere not far from our place. That lead to Lexi barking her head off. Guess everyone in the hood is awake early this morning. Who moves machinery at 5:30 am?? A light rain but suppose to stop, lets see if the old saying "rain before 7 end before 11" holds true. That's one of Larry's favourites. I'll buzz around and do a bit of housework, then if it does stop raining Lexi and I will be free to roam. Will do up a casserole (maybe that cheesy biscuit casserole) this afternoon with the rest of the turkey, didn't bother making soup, just not soup kind of weather in my mind. If it clears  you might even find me on the deck for an hour.
Pretty good day at work on Tuesday - more things done and off my list, of course for everything I finish there seems to be another one crop up. That's the way it rolls, I guess. A few rain showers throughout the day but not hard rain like Monday.
 I woke up several Moms and babies yesterday morning.
 Off they go into the water.
 These little ones aren't very old.
 Mom's taking them away too.
 None of them go really far, I'm sure they can tell I'm not dangerous.
 There were lots of ducks around - another group hanging out on a rock.
 The hanging baskets really add a nice touch to Dock St., nice to see them back again for another season.
 My Daylilies have opened up the last few days.
 The yellows are so bright and vibrant.
Like the touches of burgundy in these ones.

Enjoy your day!

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