Saturday, July 20, 2013

Day 202 - 20th July 2013 - Lake, Cedar Waxwings and Flowers

Still dark out there this morning, daylight doesn't seem to come quite as early as it did a month ago, are the days shortening already or will it just be another morning of fog? Now they are giving thundershowers for today, not good. The Song Sparrows are always singing early and in the middle of their tunes I could hear a Loon add a few bars from his song in the lake. Larry says he's working in the woodpile this morning, I'll do a few things around the house. Going to put a potato salad together as we are off to Island Park for supper with the bestie and gang and hopefully watch the parade of lights. Since we have one fusspot who doesn't like eggs guess I better do a container without for him. That sounds like the day in a nutshell to me.
A few showers yesterday morning, then it cleared up, however the fog did seem to roll into the harbour early and postponed the fireworks scheduled for last night. It was a hectic day, had family in to see me that are here from Ottawa. Nice to catch up with them again. Other clients/members were in, always a busy weekend. The books arrived today so we are all set for Sunday's Launch, fingers crossed! Did the grocery shopping on the way home from work, well Friday night shopping is even more of an experience than Saturday morning. A walk around the hood after supper yielded Cedar Waxwings and a Juvenile Palm Warbler or Yellow Rumped Warbler (I think).
The sun was trying to break through.

 Love the Cedar Waxwings.
 Waterlily, we never seem to get the pretty whites only these yellow ones.
 I was creeping around a neighbour's yard again, but I really like this little burgundy flower and the purlish blue ones.

 They were fun to watch.
 Then this little guy popped up over head, think it's a Palm Warbler. Seems the expert Birders believe it's a Yellow Rumped (Myrtle) Warbler. The young birds are so hard to figure out!
And the dandelions are always cool when they reach this stage. A gust of wind and it will be gone!

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Lol you have fussie pants spoiled lol little foggy this sm. Up early and need a little more sleep. More meds for a throat infection ..the doctor looked and shook her head....heavy meds a shot for inflammation and. A little better this am. I am looking forward to tonight. Busy night at the park...cops and rangers ....ughhh