Thursday, July 11, 2013

Day 193 - 11th July 2013 - Hummingbird, Honeysuckle and Babies

Thursday morning - another dismal dreary looking morning. The birds are all singing up a storm and I could hear a loon in the distance on the lake. They want more thundershowers for today, lets hope they are wrong this time. The air feels a bit clearer, not quite so humid. Off to work, researcher scheduled for today but not sure what else the day will bring. Hopefully everything else will run smoothly. Off to exercise tonight - some very high powered air conditioners would be good there...a girl can dream!
Lexi and I had a rather uneventful day at home. Nice to enjoy a bit of peace and quiet.. The weather remained grey and overcast all day. I did pull some weeds from the flower beds which appear to be overrun with weeds, wanted to clip around the edges but the grass never really dried off enough to do that, so will wait for another day. Cleaned up around the house, laundry etc. - all those fun things.  Lexi and I roamed the hood several times. Appears to be  more new baby ducks on the lake, seems like it's getting late for newborns but I guess Mother Nature knows best. Also saw the baby robins in the nest by a neighbour's driveway.  Also received news that a very dear woman passed away. My heart goes out to her daughters and their families. Her's was a house I spent lots of hours at throughout my teenage years.  Love and laughter could always be heard up the street. Nancy, you will be missed.
 Hanging out on the fence.
 Honeysuckle vine from the neighbour's yard.
 Thistle - perhaps my ancestors brought it from Scotland when they came.
 You can see the two baby robins in the nest.
I like the grasses that grow along the shore.

 Heavy dew in the forest.
Looks like 6 or 7 babies in this batch and they are quite little.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Hate to admit but that wee lil one on the fence is kind of cute. My honeysuckle vine died so I am a little disappointed but still have the bushes to admire. Hopefully my day will uneventful as well...busy is good but there is such as a thing as being too busy...then put a few people in the mix who are bidding on boats on EBay give them a price and they gasp. My last very polite reply was "well you say the diesel fuel companies do not permit us to bid on our fuel prices & the last time I checked the trucks took diesel not air" ughhh as I shake my head then they tell me how many miles/ kilometers it is and again my reply isn't google a wonderful thing but you know there are truck routes and we are not always permitted on some of this "shorter distance routes" needless to say my customer service rating is not so great these days :) I hope your day has been good and will likely aggravate you later :)