Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Day 205 - 23rd July 2013 - Lake, Birds and Flowers

Looks like we've got some rain  for today and  maybe a chance of thunder and lightning depending on what weather forecast you read. Funny how they can never agree on anything. Oh well we'll roll with whatever comes out of the sky and I'll keep my mouth shut during the next few days but I really want fine weather for the weekend. Believe it or not the water has dropped a lot in the lake, doesn't take long with hot weather and wind for things to start drying out again. Larry was talking about having to water the garden again.  Won't be long and we'll be eating beans and peas. The potatoes are shaping up nicely too, they are hodge podge size now but think we'll leave them a little longer. Already, he's talking about next years garden and what he should do different and plant. Off to work this morning, lots of things I want to get done, I'm kind of in a cleaning mood now. Every summer I take a couple days to re-arrange and sort things out - it helps to make room for more things and better house other items.
Turned out to be a really nice day weatherwise. Not too hot, nice breeze - just right. Had a good day at work, lots done and found more work - maybe I shouldn't dig through stuff! There are some things I'm seeing an end to the tunnel, others - well that's another story. Just taking it one day at a time. Another hard night at exercise, boy that Cindy puts us through the ropes!
A perfect morning on the lake, except for the mosquitoes.
 This Woodpecker was trying to hide from me.
 The young robins are out of the nest and hunting up food on their own.
 The Red Eyed Vireo never stops singing to me, I just wish he would come down a little lower.
My hedge of Phlox are beginning to bloom.
 The Astilbe is almost open.
Darrell - I've forgotten what this one is called, but it's beginning to bloom.

Enjoy your day!

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