Sunday, July 7, 2013

Day 189 - 7th July 2013 - Willets, Gulls and A Trip along the Old Highway

 Ferns in the morning light.
 He's a big guy, although to hear him you would think he was 6 feet big!
 Looking off of Bear Point.

 Willet at Shag Harbour.
 Had fun watching the Willets.
 He was doing some kind of happy dance, I'm sure.
 Herring Gull.

 We weren't beamed up by Aliens.
 Believe it or not - a little fog.
 A Goldfinch on our travels.
 Kind of a cool bridge in Pubnico or to be precise...

So I'm a little stunned and put my pictures on first so couldn't get my writing at the top! Anyway as you can see we had a good day yesterday. Larry did some weeding, I worked in the house and took a quick jaunt through the hood, off for groceries and home for  lunch. Then we got ready and headed towards Pubnico via the old highway  [Lighthouse Route]- Barrington through Shag Harbour, Woods Harbour, etc. It was almost 10 degrees cooler in Shag Harbour than home, which really felt quite good. We ended up at Dennis Point Cafe for an early supper which was really good - Fish & Clams for me, Fish and Scallops for Larry. From there we headed to Tusket and hooked up cross country to Kemptville and brought the back road home.
Looks like it will be another nice day out there, +17 right now but warmer in the house. I bought a turkey yesterday so am planning to cook it this morning before things warm up too much. Call me crazy but for less than $15.00 it's meals for most of the week. Other than that I have no idea what the day will bring, obviously we have some work around here to do but I'm not dedicating the day to it. And I still have a flycatcher to find in the hood and try to get a good photograph of, so I maybe sitting in the woods for a spell.
Enjoy your day!

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  1. Today is a day of rest! Might I suggest a day devoted to stalking in the hood lol.
    No big plans here and more rest. We bailed to the camper at exactly 1:15 am osbbj even the dogs are rednecks....left the house to sleep in the camper with AC. I said kids what do you think sleep in the camper...out the door and waiting by the camper step for me to open the door lol. Up at 6:30 did their business and right back to sleep until we were startled by my phone (almost 9). They have been for a swim and resting is too hot for ball throwing ;). Will tell you the story of why were up at 1:15 in person...I want to see your reaction and hear you laugh! Have a restful day...