Sunday, July 28, 2013

Day 210 - 28th July 2013 - 2nd Day of Harmony Bazaar, Surf and Sunset.

5:30 am and I"m up and moving, another foggy morning, but am thankful the weather co-operated for the weekend. These girls aren't quite so lively at this hour of the day! I'm soon going to head down to the beach and see if maybe there are something besides gulls around. Never know what I might find. There are more activities today and the the festival winds down this afternoon. Not sure how long we'll stay but we will catch some of the events. It's been a great weekend with the girls, lots of laughs and sometimes like guys we just need our own "fishing or hunting" trip like the men folk. Every once in awhile you need a break even if it is only a few miles from home. I think this will probably become an annual event.
Wow what a long day yesterday but filled full of fun and running around. I started the day at the Lockeport beach around 6:30 am, pretty foggy but lots of waves. Finally got the rest of the crew mobile and we headed over to the Breakfast at the Legion around 8:30, hit the spot. Some down time, then off to catch  the offsite events around town. Open mike began at noon, followed by numerous other shows with great artists both new and old throughout the day. The evening headliner was Bif Naked at 8:30 by that time I'm beginning to run out of steam. You know I just don't do late nights but I did manage to hang on til about midnight before I crashed. I'm always the first to turn in.
 The Morning Surf.
 Dana Beeler at the Library.
 Alex Hickey
Irish Mythem - an awesome  presence on stage.

Christine Campbell.

 Doris Mason did a fabulous job on Rita McNeil's songs.
 Irish, Katy and Doris were great.
Bif Naked was the headliner last evening. Not quite we expected, but a good songstress.

And the sun set.

I've even managed to make my coffee this morning with one of those bloody fancy machines that everyone has these days. Yesterday morning I just gave up and went to instant.
Enjoy your day!

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