Friday, July 19, 2013

Day 201 - 19th July 2013 - Grandmother's Journal and Setting up the Waterfront.

Well we've made it to Friday, still dark this morning but I can hear the birds singing their little hearts out. They are giving some rain showers today but no great amount. Up early, went to bed late so I will be dragging my butt today. I require a regular 7 1/2 to 8 hours of sleep in order to be on my game and I've not gotten that lately. Hoping for a good day, am thinking positive on that one!
Another hot one yesterday. Oh it wasn't a great day but got through it. Didn't have a lot of success looking for birds on my morning walk, tried calling a few out but they just wouldn't come close enough for photos. Exercise class last night - not sure why I'm suffering through the heat doing that but I'm going anyway. Some nights I have to convince myself - if I skip a night or two without a really good cause I'll lose my momentum and stop going altogether. This is the big Founder's Day festival weekend in Town, so I took a stroll down Dock Street on my lunch hour. Lots of booths were being set up, should be  a good weekend.
Grandmother's Journal:
19th July 1974 - Overcast, Rain. Bob to job early. Chalice, Barbara and I to Russian Ballet in Wolfville. Rained, Thunder and Lightning. Ballet at :8:30 evening. Wonderful, I enjoyed it very much. Had a good time. Stayed at Kingsway in Windsor, not all that good. Rooms were clean and nice but noisy. Long day from 15 before 5 in the morning until 2:30 at night. 
20th July 1974 - Still overcast and foggy. Left early to come home by way of Robinson's Corner road. Good road nice drive. Stopped in Chester Antique shopping and Gift shopping. Friday shopped in Handcraft store in New Germany. Also a good place to eat there. Shopped at new Mall in Bridgewater. Same as all shopping centres. Got back to Liverpool for supper. Home to Jordan Ferry before dark, home to M.C. with Gertrude and Reg 12 o'clock, tired but a real good time. Barbara was lots of good fun.
The old man's beard was dripping in water this morning.
 As was the pine needles.
 Love all the boats in the harbour during the summer months.
 And Whirligigs were set up by the Dory Shop.
 A Cannon was set up
at the Encampment.

 More booths. By Friday the whole waterfront will be wall to wall with booths, vendors an displays.
Part of the Encampment.

Enjoy your day!

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