Saturday, July 6, 2013

Day 188 - 6th July 2013 - Birds, Blooms and the Lake

Looks like it's going to be another hot day folks. I slept in a bit this morning, but sometimes on the weekend that happens. Anyway no idea what's going on  today, other than Larry will be in the garden some and have to go grocery shopping.
Had a great day at home on Friday, roamed the hood a lot stalking a Hermit Thrush who refused to give me a really good photo. I even tried camping out in the neighbour's driveway (thank goodness they were at work) and waiting patiently for him. Oh I should say he came close once, realized I was there and flitted to a high branch, once again. There is always another day. Lexi wasn't keen on too many trips with me - the temperatures were +37 ish and she doesn't like that much heat. Could be her fur coat. The last thing I said to Larry as he left in the morning was "pick up my parcel at the post office, please on your way home". All day I waited in anticipation of my new tri-pod I had ordered with some birthday money (Thanks Mom & Dad) from Henry's. It was on sale + free shipping so it was mine. Heavier quality to hold my camera, the one I've got I've had for years and it's good for a lightweight camera but my canon sometimes flips on it. So when he gets home does he have it - no, he forgot. Do you have to stick a post it note on a man's head for him to remember anything more than 5 minutes?? I'm not really bad just mildly annoyed, you have to love em! Had a visit with Lois on her deck and solved the world problems before supper. Nice visit with friends last evening, home a little later than normal.
 Hard to see since they are behind the pine boughs but I think it's a father and child pair of Northern Flickers, one was feeding the other.
 Momma Robin is sitting on the nest but I can see a new borns beak to the left. I'll keep my eye on the nest for better pics. Maybe I should carry a ladder too?
 Another of these black butterflies - really pretty.
 And this is the kind of day I enjoyed.
 An Alder or Willow Flycatcher, have to go back and see if I can find him again!
 Quite a large group of Indian Pipe.
 My Tiger Lilies are beginning to bloom.
 And then there are the Daisies.
 The Lupins have gone to seed pods now.
 Harriett seems to think this bowl of cracked corn is for her.
Lois' Magnolias are gorgeous!

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Wow thank goodness for some flower thought my blog had gone to the birds again. Lois's magnolia is exquisite ...I predict a while Lotta of swimming here today ball throwing. Bill is off to the Rock so I will be able to vacuum in peace ;)