Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Day 191 - 9th July 2013 - Fog, Cat, Boats and Ducks

Tuesday morning, grey and dismal looking this morning but the birds are singing away.  A rather sleepless night, humidity is high and this old house holds the heat upstairs. Even the fan in the window seems to blow warm air and offers little relief most nights. Off to work, hopefully will get some more things finished up and off my list. Our summer student is a great worker, whatever project or task she's given - poof and it's done - love that. Hoping she choices to return next summer.
I wouldn't mind so much if we had rain but I wish the weather people could be a little more right on with their reports. Yesterday morning at 5:30am they gave a chance of showers, by 10:30 am it was pouring, then at 11:00 they have the big red bar across with "Severe Thunderstorms". Which it did on my lunch hour so naturally I was soaked - good thing it's summer and at least it's not cold. Early afternoon all had cleared with blue skies again. Looks like more rain in the forecast for this week. Oh well, guess we best just suck it up, maybe by the weekend it will clear. So a busy day at the centre, book finished up and off to the printers. Now to plan the launch, hopefully I wake up in the next few days with a marvelous idea for that. Most good ideas come to me in the early hours. I fade as the day goes one. Exercise class last evening - a good workout but boy I sometimes wonder why I'm doing this in the summer - guess I'm sweating some pounds off, or at least I hope so.
 Foggy morning on the lake yesterday.
 Not sure if this was Max or not, but he was travelling the hood ahead of me.
The Harbour was pretty calm, love seeing a few boats in the morning.

 Mother with 3 babies. Lois says another turned up today with several small ones probably about a week old.

"Bird on a Wire" - Humming Bird. But it made me think about the Leonard Cohen song when I saw it.

I know it's only a Daisy but...

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Only a "daisy" I love it and it's simplicity!!!!