Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Day 213 - 31st July 2013 - Song Sparrow, Blackburnian Warbler, Eagle and Ducks

So once again we are saying goodbye to another month, can't believe how fast the summer is flying by. Feeling more like myself this morning, up early and rested. Daylight isn't coming quite as early as it was a month ago. I miss that most of all, I can still see a sliver of the moon in the sky. Home today and it promises to be a sunny day so I'll buzz around and get some housework done, then Lexi and I can haunt the hood and spend some time outside. That's my plans for the day!
The best part of going to work is the walk I take in the morning to catch my ride. It can take 5 mins and I meet Nancy at the head of the road in bad weather or an hour to walk in and take pictures and enjoy the lake and whatever else I may see. Sometimes like yesterday I find a new bird and stop to talk to a neighbour walking his dog. We saw the eagle but I didn't get good photos, the bushes were to high for me to see well and when I did get to the cove and the edge of the lake he was up in a tree. So there is always another day to try for that guy. Work was good, lots of things done - I spent some time in the house cleaning mode and am making progress there. Came back from lunch very wet as I got caught in the thunder/lightning downpour. It didn't last long and the sun returned. After supper I headed back out to the hood and was lucky enough to catch all the ducks at Myrna's including a mother and 5 babies. Are they ever cute and so energetic. I believe this is the brood that started off as 8.
 A young Song Sparrow has found a maple seed for breakfast.
 A Blackburnian Warbler, a new find for me.
 It's really hard to see the Eagle but he's at the top of the tree, hopefully I'll get a better shot of him.
 First time I've seen a rabbit on the side of the road in a long time.
 And this is the real Thistle.
 The lake was beautiful last evening.
 Tormenting the dog.
 Nap time for the babies.
 But not for long, they were soon up and playing in the lake.

 Mom stays pretty close keeping an eye on their antics.

Bottoms Up!

Enjoy your day!

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