Monday, July 29, 2013

Day 211 - 29th July 2013 - Reality, Sparrow, Whimbrels and Irish

Well I can tell I'm home again when I wake up and have no internet! Applause to Eastlink for their horrible service! I did let them know what a pleasure it was to deal with Aliant on the weekend with no service interruptions and reminded him to log my daily complaint! So that was reality, slept well and long but still dragging my feet this morning, hope no one notices if I am just moving through the motions. The girls kept me up to late at night and it will take a few days for me to bounce back - being the oldest in the group, these things happen. Here I am at work and seems I`ve got some things to get done. I`ll see when I get home tonight if I`ve got the energy for exercise class.
Sunday wasn't quite so busy, I spend some time on the beach early in the morning while the rest of the girls slept and then we all head off to breakfast at the Legion. Nice to support another group when we are away from home. It was our last day in Lockeport, it was such a great time. Can't believe how much some of the  younger artists have improved and developed the sounds over the last year. We have some awesome local talent. Stayed until about 3:30, things were pretty well winding down, packed up our stuff and headed out. The Pit crew will come and pick up the camper for us. Home again - Larry and Lexi survived without me and I just smiled when I noticed that the floor hadn't been swept, etc. Oh well life at home returns.
 Not sure, but this might be a Savannah Sparrow.
 A flock of Whimbrels this morning where on the beach.
 Apparently they are migrating now - rah for me a new one to my list.

 The sun was fighting through the clouds and fog.
 Love the way the light shines on the beach.
 Lots of waves.
 We went back later in the morning and the fog had rolled back in, hope this surfer had a successful day.
 Back to the stage - Irish performed as well as several others including 4 young artists who had been included in a workshop all weekend. Great job.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Lol you are not the only one dragging your butt. Lots of good childhood memories on that beach and a tragedy that made me appreciate and respect the power of the ocean. It was an awesome weekend and it is a confirmed booking fir next year.