Saturday, July 13, 2013

Day 195 - 13th July 2013 - Toads, Ducks, Grackles and Mushrooms.

It's Saturday, I've slept in and it's a beautiful morning out there. Looks like we've managed two nice weekends in a row. There are fabulous big fluffy clouds floating across the the sky like big balls of cotton candy. The air feels better too - not so humid. We'll both do some work around home this morning and I'll get a little roam around the hood. This afternoon we are going to a funeral and saying goodbye to a wonderful lady.
Started off yesterday morning with my camera, weather looked ok. Didn't get far and got caught in a rain shower of course, had my trusty grocery bag in my pocket and camera bag on my back. Unfortunately no photos though. Had a relatively good day at work, some stuff accomplished, our treasurer came in to do up some paperwork. She got the Registered Charity report done which we really dislike doing, thank goodness it's only one of those once/year jobs. I just need to put some things with it and we are done and in the mail it goes. Another RAH! The printer dropped me off a couple draft copies of the book so guess what - I have some reading to do on the weekend - just a run over to make sure there aren't any typos etc. Hopefully it won't take long. I also got a guest speaker for the book launch - a lovely local lady who was born on the Island. After supper I took a quick jaunt around the hood, then home with my feet up for the evening.
 Cute little hop toad.
 Not sure who scared who, but we all jumped!
And off they went...again.
 Lovely evening on the lake, with the grackles flying back and forth. I sat a spell in the burgundy chairs on the beach.
"One of these things is not like the other".  I soon discovered what the Grackles were doing.

Finally she decided enough was enough and she left.

Mushrooms are erupting.

Another one pops through the ground!

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Mushrooms toads and robins have invaded me. Perhaps I will see you this afternoon at the service...mustering up the courage to go. She sure was special and the thing I will remember the most is her laughter & love of her family. Unfortunately I have two services I should go to ...thankyou for letting me know that