Sunday, July 14, 2013

Day 196 - 14th July 2013 - Reflections, Hermit Thrush and Mushrooms.

It's a beautiful morning out there although a tad dark, dawn is just breaking. Cool and crisp with the birds singing up a storm. I'm up a tad early. It was warm last night for sleeping.  Sometimes I think we should move our bedroom downstairs but guess we'll wait to do that when we are old and can no longer handle steps well. Not sure what we'll get up to today, work this morning while it's cooler then maybe a drive somewhere. I have to do some reading this morning - need to take a quick run through our publication and make any corrections. I'm sure I have a few typos etc that I missed on the first few readings. The internet is acting up as well this morning.
Saturday was a real summer day. Larry worked in the wood pile, I did some housework, laundry, etc. and roamed the hood. I love the reflections in the lake and it was a perfect calm day to take photographs on the lake and think about life in general, had a good jaunt around the hood and put me in the frame of mind I needed to be in to go to Nancy's funeral. I had some quiet time on my own to think of all the times she laughed at /with  Jane and I, scolded us or just gave us the eye. We got the eye often! I will remember her often and fondly.  Picked up some groceries, came home had a nice cold beer on the deck while Larry cooked burgers for supper. A quick walk and an evening in.
 Lovely clouds in the sky and lake. Hard to tell which side is up.
 I like all the lines in grasses.
 These are all over the lake now too.
 Clouds in the lake.
 There always seems to be a Robin on this post.
 More mushrooms, time to get my Mushroom book out that I got for Christmas.

 Well the  jury is still out on this little guy but he might be an immature Myrtle (Yellow Rumped) Warbler.
Hermit Thrush who didn't play hermit today!
Even last evening the lake and sky was beautiful.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Yesterday sure was a day of reflection..beautiful photos...yes even the birds!!