Thursday, July 18, 2013

Day 200 - 18th July 2013 - Squirrels, Birds and A Mushroom

A little damp out there this morning. Looks like we had some rain during the night and a few showers are suppose to happen this morning. Back to work, wonder what the day will bring - only good things I hope. After several nights of very little sleep it was nice to sleep last night, the humidity seemed to have dropped some so it wasn't quite so hot.
Wednesday was a perfect day to be home, sunny, warm but a nice breeze. I do wish the mosquitoes would leave though. Managed to get a quick run around the housework and laundry in between jaunts throughout the hood. Spent a fair amount of time in a neighbour's (glad they have a bench to sit on) driveway trying to convince an Ovenbird to come just a little closer, but nope he was having none of that. However, he did seem to like to follow and chat me up. Went out again after supper but no luck in finding him, so it was a lazy evening after that.
 My first little friendly face of the day.
 And yes we have more cobwebs, they are seasonal.
 Kind of dark - Hermit Thrush.
 I thought this was cute - not a frog on a lilypad but a toad on a leaf.
 One of my summer favourites - Northern Parula.
 My friendly little Ovenbird.
When I first saw the yellow, I thought Warbler - guess I've got birds on the brain.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. lol Bird walked into that one :)