Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Day 199 - 17th July 2013 - Dragonfly, Birds, the Lake and Cobwebs

It feels a little cooler and fresher on the deck this morning, but it is only early yet. Home today, better to handle the heat. Will do a whip around of housework and laundry first thing while it stays nice, then the day is my own - more or less. Of course you know I'll be out roaming the hood a few times, Lexi and I will stick to the woods since it's cooler there for her. Being an Aussie with a double coat of hair she minds the heat more than me. I keep thinking about our Canada Geese and wonder where they went. Hoping all four babies survived and they stop to see us on their fall migration.
Tuesday was another very hot day, summer is definitely here. Humidity was terrible as well. My office is awful hot, brick building - holds the heat in the summer, cold in the winter. That's life, in a few months we'll complain about frost and cold. The day went by and I got some things done, one research I'm doing I seem to be chasing myself in circles but it will sort itself out eventually and I'll connect all the dots. Went out for a walk after supper, think the only thing I did was feed the mosquitoes. I may have proposed marriage to a Blue Jay, since after making my bird noises he came and looked at me then followed me around. Umm...maybe I better practice that "pishing" some more to get it right.
 The ever faithful Song Sparrow.
 On my morning walk - I love this single tree at the end of the point.
 Nature's spinners were busy during the night.

 The Yellow Throated Warbler was lively yesterday morning, hard to get a good photo of him.
 Myrna's cat was having an early morning jaunt.
 My Grandpa always said when the leaves turn back it will rain. He  was right, before sunset we had a few showers.
My new best friend and walking companion - Blue Jay.
I always think the dragonflies are pretty cool.

Enjoy your day!

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