Thursday, July 25, 2013

Day 207 - 25th July 2013 - Squirrel, Weeds, Lilies, Parulas and Woodpecker.

Thursday morning, more fog but the birds are singing up  a storm. Weather doesn't seem t stop them. Looks like some rain for today, I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for the weekend. Off to work this morning, just running some thoughts through my head of what needs to be done. Going to be a busy day as I"m taking a "mental health" day tomorrow. When I take an extra day it usually puts me further behind but I'll deal with that next week. Will work extra hard. We will soon be in to August, can't believe the summer is going so fast.
Finally I got my internet back yesterday morning only to lose it again 45 mins later, then back again, fingers crossed it stays up and running. So by lunch time it seemed to be running pretty good. The general consensus seems to be that lots of people are having trouble. Would really be nice if Eastlink got their act together. I guess what really peeves me is they got a huge amount of money from the government - not once but twice to install high speed into all rural areas and some people either don't have it or it's almost as bad as dial up and we pay a huge bill every month for it.  Enough of the complaining. Got lots done on my day off - laundry, spare beds (Larry and Lexi may have a sleepover Saturday night) changed, floors done, brown bread rolls made and a good supper cooked with enough for leftovers on Thursday. Not much activity in the woods yesterday but our yard was much busier. Many of the baby birds have left the nest and those fledglings are so difficult to figure out. They just don't have their full coloring yet and I'm never quite sure what I'm seeing.
 Can always find a sassy squirrel in the woods.
 I'm sure this is a weed and not something I planted, but it's kind of dainty looking.
 Can't resist another photo of these but I love flowers with rain droplets.
 Northern Parula was hanging out in the Apple trees.
 Looks like a sunflower but it's in Lois' yard and we don't think it is.
 More Indian Pipe - they are cropping up everywhere.
 The bee is almost as big as the flower.
Downy Woodpecker having lunch at the suet holder.

Enjoy your day!

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