Friday, July 26, 2013

Day 208 - 25th July 2013 - Grandmother's Journal, Flowers, Flies and Birds

It's Friday! Do not even question my mood this morning when I got up and had no internet. Have't got time to rant as I spent so much time on the phone ranting at those idiots at Eastlink! I'm hoping to get myself back up to perky in the next while!Having a mental health day at home - getting ready to head to Lockeport this afternoon and camp out with a bunch of friends for the Harmony Bazaar, should be a fabulous weekend. Please weather co-operate. Thank goodness for brothers, mine loaned me a raincoat for my camera just in case of rain. Lots to do before I go though, got to finish packing, made some cookies to leave home in case Larry's brother and nephew come for the night. Might make some dip to take with me. Think I'm all packed just a few odds and ends around the house to finish up. Not sure how good my internet will be in the next few days, but I'll try to hack someone's so I can post!
Good day at work yesterday, not a lot done but people through and Susan got our next online auction up and running. Some great items. We are lucky that people donate really nice stuff for these as they are a great means of fundraising. Mosquitoes were vicious in the morning when I went on my walk - I stopped to call out some birds and looked down and there were about 25 on my legs, so I went to work with more welts.  I skipped exercise class last night, had to pick up a few groceries on the way home which meant we were late and then a few other things once I got home. Hope she didn't work the girls too hard.
Almost forgot Grandmother's Journal this week:
26th July 1974:To town early as usual. Overcast. Garden real good. Still some strawberries. Shelled peas - sugar peas. Over to Chalice and Jack's for supper. Real nice. Took sugar peas, swiss chard, lettuce, turnips and carrots. Had a good time. Gertrude and I played bridge and crib til 3 o'clock.
27 July 1974: To Ohio through Purdy Hill. Dicks birthday. Overcast day. Nice drive through Purdy Hill. Gertrude, Fran and I. Tired and to bed early.
 Gayfeather, almost open, guessing by the time I come home on Sunday it will be.
 This little hummer is guarding the feeder!
 Raspberries are beginning to ripen.
 The grasses are pretty well out of the water again.
 Saw this in someone's garden but no sure what it is.
Woodpecker was getting his breakfast.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Thank goodness for a little bit of Grandmother today....perhaps it shall calm you as it does me!! God help Eastlink as I only had to hear about it on the phone lol.
    The flower you were not sure about looks like a variety of spirea!!!