Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Day 206 - 24th July 2013 - Pine Siskins, Nuthatch, Robin and Daylilies

I’m back, another evening and morning without internet. Believe it or not when I called this morning (3rd time in less than 24 hours) I was told there was a tree in the way and with the weather it was causing problems and they would be back out this morning. Well they never were here last night and my response to her was “didn’t they see that tree when the put the tower up”, no answer for that one. Got some brown bread rolls on the rise this morning, laundry caught up and a whip around with the broom. Hopefully if the weather breaks a bit I can hit the hood. Apparently it wasn't really back for good, just as I'm writing this, it blimps out once again. I'm oh so tired of Eastlink! Was a foggy morning but looks like it might clear a bit, see cobwebs on the grass - that could be a good sign.

Good day at work yesterday and got lots of things done. I started on the re-organizing and cleared a few boxes – that’s always a good thing. Showers on and off throughout the day but I was pretty lucky and dodged the raindrops when I was out to the Post Office, Bank and lunch.  I spent the evening doing some maintenance to my laptop - cleaning out some photos, etc. Well what else can you do without internet!
 I've had a few Pine Siskins at the feeders in the last few days, this guy must be young as he was particularly tame and let me stand on the deck to take his photo.

 Red Breasted Nuthatch was back too this morning, haven't seen him at the feeders for a while.
He sure is cute.

This one was from last night, I don't think he's the same one. No way I was getting close to him, had to shoot through the kitchen window.

 Robin - early one morning.
Some more of my Daylilies.

Enjoy your day! Time to shape those rolls and let them rise some more!

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  1. Nice to have our blog....even if it was a little late!! I fail to see anything cute about that bird(looks like a bit of lipstick off to the side of it's beak) ...sorry now the daylily is gorgeous. Have a great day and try not to verbally assault the eastlink reps.