Monday, July 8, 2013

Day 190 - 8th July 2013 - Sunrise, Black & White Warbler, Blueberries and Wild Roses

Back to Monday and work folks! Nice morning out there but sounds like the weather is not going to be great this week. Ah well, we'll take it one day at a time. Fingers crossed that the last few photos I need for the book came in on Friday and I can finish that off and get it out of my hair today! Lots of other things to catch up and get done. No one in particular coming today, but there are always drop ins.
Another lovely day. This was the weekend we should have had last week on the July 1st holiday. Oh well, nothing we can do about what was, need to do what is. Had a turkey all cooked by 10am before the real heat struck, some laundry, floors etc. Larry worked in the woodpile all morning. I did take my new tri-pod out and played around with that, love it. So much better than the old one. Later in the afternoon we all piled into the truck with the air conditioner cranked (Lexi likes it cold) and we head to Upper Clyde. Spent the afternoon visiting with friends. Didn't get home until 6:30 then it was time to cook veggies to go with that Turkey.
 Such a beautiful morning that I hauled myself to a neighbour's front yard in my pj's to catch the sunrise.

 Guess I better brush up on my Butterflies, think this is some kind of Fritillary from the Brushfoots group.
 Another Tiger Lily opening.
 Daylilies are beginning to bloom.
 A new for me - Black and White Warbler and in my yard!
 He's kind of an acrobat, but he also had two fledglings with him.
 The Clyde River - how I love it.
 Wild Roses are all around Barb and Daryl's yard.
 Need to return soon - their blueberries are ripening.
And the Lavender is beginning to bloom, love that purple shade.

Enjoy your day!

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