Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Day 198 - 16th July 2013 - Cobwebs, Sailboats and Flowers

A restless night, the house never seemed to cool down, although it's still +17 outside this morning and +23 inside (downstairs). Not great for sleeping, this is the only thing I can say I really dislike about summer - the heat at night. Anyway, it's looking like a beautiful morning. I took a few minutes and stood on the deck listening to all the birds singing in unison and daylight beginning to creep through the trees from the lake. If I was a wee bit more ambitious this morning I would have grabbed my camera and gone for some sunrise pics. Off to work this morning, not sure what the day will bring. I'll try to leave a little early and catch a few feathered friends.
Monday was sweltering hot outside and inside my office. Finished up the last of the editing on the book, the program decided to act a little wonky (technical term), doing nasty things - like changing my page numbers - glad I caught that in time! Off it goes back to the printer tomorrow, RAH! Put some posters up around town, it's in the Founder's Day weekend brochure and sent out emails. Now hopefully we will get a few people out on Sunday to the launch and sell some books. Guess I better dream up some snazzy words to say between now and then. Started off early yesterday morning to meet my ride and maybe catch a few birds along the way, but ran into a neighbour walking his dog...and cat. He actually caught me standing in the bushes making funny bird noises. Oh well, most of the neighbourhood is sure I'm just a little off. When he turned back to go home, the cat kept following me, probably a good reason why the birds weren't friendly. Exercise class last night - way too hot for that, although maybe I sweated a few more pounds off as well as toned up. We can hope.
 Can you see the little bird on the rock?
 Cobwebs bring hot days, and it was true.
 The harbour was totally calm in the morning.
 A shag flying in, not a great photo but he caught me a bit off guard.

 The flowers on this gate always look so inviting as you pass by.
 A few sailboats were out in the afternoon.

And there was just enough breeze for this whirligig to spin his oars.

Enjoy your day!

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