Monday, July 22, 2013

Day 204 - 23rd July 2013 - Squirrels, Turtle and Sailboats

What a beautiful morning, wishing it was a day home, temperature dropped to +14 which was lovely this morning to walk up to. Suppose to be a nice day. It's Monday so back to work. Going to be another busy week, have to get ready for the Harmony Bazaar weekend. So now that we have the book launched I have lots to do at work - getting some other things caught up and done. Before I know it Jillian our summer student will be finished and the summer will be over. Can't believe we are flying near the end of July already. Exercise class tonight.
Sunday went well once I got moving again. I finally hit the sofa for a few hours of sleep at 4:30am, although I heard the Song Sparrows singing at 5:15am. It made for a long day, that's for sure. Book launch went well. Even had some girls out who were the granddaughters of one of the lighthouse keepers. Our guest speaker was a marvel and knew both their grandfather and father so a good time was had by all. We were going back to town last evening to watch the Parade of Lights and Fireworks but it would have meant too late of a night for both of us. So I had an early evening to bed.
I always seem to be able to call out a squirrel.
 Painted Turtle was enjoying a little sun on the rock.
 Found a Damsel Fly in the woods.
 My favourite friend - the Oven Bird.
 Sailing Races were happening all afternoon.

Seemed like a nice breeze for them.

Enjoy your day!


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  2. We missed you last night but understood as I wouldn't want a delay in my blog lol