Saturday, July 27, 2013

Day 209 - 27th July 2013 - Harmony Bazaar, Camping for the weekend.

Well a foggy morning, I'm up at my normal hour even though I was late getting to bed but I'm sure the adrenaline will carry me  through. I can burn and crash when I get home on Sunday. This is a great music festival so if you are free today, come down and enjoy the sounds. Tonight's headliner is Bif Naked - new to me but apparently quite well known and an awesome performer. Lots of local talent during the day and then some other more well known artists as the day goes on. Don't fool yourself we have some pretty fabulous local female singers. For now I think I'll grab another coffee and maybe hit the streets and beach to see if any birds are lurking around.
Got the internet settled for the day Friday, lots of things done around the house and took off for Lockeport mid afternoon. If you've ever seen the commercial where the woman comes running out of the store screaming "start the car, start the car" well that was Denna as we drove in to pick her up at her house. Wish I had my camera out! Oh we laughed and that started our adventure. Landed in Lockeport before supper, stop at the LC, and on to the camper that the guys had set up for us. All the comforts of home. Thanks to the property owner we had power which means all the comforts of home - gotta love camping! Great performers last evening, things started to roll around 5pm and at 8:30 Suzy McNeil took the stage. What a fabulous entertainer she is. At 11pm we were finally catching a bite to eat, then it was off to bed with giggles - not sure how 4 grown women can laugh at so much but we did. Tonight there will probably be 7 of us - more fun I'm sure. It was a great evening for photos as the rain held off but the fog rolled in.
 Breagh McKinnon from Cape Breton.
Doris Mason tickles the keyboard.
Rhonda Baker, a contemporary dancer showed her moves to tunes from Harmony Bazaar artists.
Shelly Meisner, a from the area has an awesome voice and can belt out the tunes.

Christine Campbell, who I first heard last year has one fabulous voice.
Mo Kenney, another great voice.

Suzy McNeil was amazing, the audience loved her. She was on the stage, down with the audience and rocking the town.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. An awesome adventure indeed and more fun today!