Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Day 366 - 31st December 2013 - Evening Grosbeaks, Lexi and So Long 2013

It's nippy out there this morning - temperature is -11.6. Feeling better this morning- hopefully I'm on the mend. Here we are saying goodbye to another year. Wow - can't believe how fast the months flew by. So lately I've been thinking - did I do everything I wanted to, should have or could have in 2013? Who knows and when you get down to the last few days it really doesn't matter that much. There were happy times, some sad times, hopeful and disappointing times. One thing I know there is no going back, no what ifs and it's too late for regrets. Larry and I took time last year to do things together, even if it was only a weekend jaunt to a beach or the woods in search of birds. That was good. I spent less time worrying about what someone else may think - it really doesn't matter does it?  So when 2014 arrives I'm ready. I'm starting off with the attitude it will be a good year, even though I'm a little worried about some stuff.
Yesterday wasn't a great day, I spent most of the day in and out of consciousness on the sofa. By supper time I thought I was coming around some but my stomach started flip flopping once I ate again. Another gravol and a murky evening. So that was my excitement. Thank goodness I still have Nurse Lexi at my side. We did receive three lovely parcels in the mail that perked me up. Chocolates from our friends in Germany - always a favourite of mine and our wonderful Archaeology student who stayed with us this fall from England sent us gifts - a pheasant for Lexi, cup and saucer, tea, bath goodies and chocolate. The third was a beautiful calender from my friend Sandy in Scotland. Fabulous photos of Scotland on each month. Thanks everyone, it really makes us feel special.  So much fun, was just like Christmas all over again.
 A Guy and his Gals.
 This Junco was hunting for seeds.
 He was a bright spot on an otherwise dull day.
Lexi with her new pheasant.  She loves her toys.

Enjoy your day, remember to travel safe if you are out bringing in the New Year to night!

Monday, December 30, 2013

Day 365 - 30th December 2013 - Ice, Chickadees and Squirrel

I am alive and awake ... I think. Just got up after being in bed for almost 12 hours. That might have helped, although why I'm still yawning is beyond me. Temperature is +2.8, guess the storm must have passed by us throughout the night. I see they are forecasting rain changing to drizzle this morning for our fair area. Have no idea what is happening with us today but I'm thinking I will continue to lay low and get rid of this bug before it gets me too much.
I started out pretty good except was sneezing periodically and had a scratchy throat but after lunch I just felt miserable. The cold chills started and my stomach was off kilter. So probably it's a bug that's going around. Every other person you talk to they've had it or just gotten over it. Lets hope it doesn't last long, I have no patience for this. I spent most of the afternoon and evening on the sofa reading, dozing. I did have the comfort of Nurse Lexi. Now no other dog can be more concerned or caring, she knows when I head to the sofa and get the throw to put over me I'm obviously not feeling great. So I'm given at least 2 of her toys to keep me company then she crawls up and snuggles in to keep me warm and watch over me.
Water pocket in the cranberry ditch.
A few of the grasses weren't beat down by snow and rain, still hold there heads up.
Don't fool yourself, the lake is not safe to be on, those are rotten patches.
I love this old rotten tree - a home for birds come spring, perhaps.
Saw him Saturday but couldn't get a pic, but I did yesterday. I just don't think he should be around this time of year.
Lots of Chickadees everywhere.
They are so darn cute, wish they could stay out of the feeders.

Enjoy your day!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Day 364 - 29th December 2013 - Moon, Sunrise, Snow and the Christmas Tree

A mild morning, +0.2, the temperatures are like a yo yo - up and down. Rain on the way for the next few days, sound like quite a bit, then the temperature will drop and we'll get flurries or snow later in the week. Am getting tired of miserable weather every Sunday.  Since we are suppose to have rain I better buzz around the hood for some photos this morning. This afternoon I'll do some dusting and put things back where the decorations were. A roast for supper sounds good and curling up with the Kobo and a cup of tea if it's raining.
Well it did eventually warm up, but when I made my first run around the hood shortly after 7 am it was -10 yesterday morning. Seems I like to catch the sunrise on the coldest mornings we have. I stayed pretty warm and can thank my Mom for that, she gave me one of her snowsuits. An ideal outfit for those early morning jaunts and if you want to crawl around the neighbour's feeders on your hands and knees or just lay there waiting for birds. Lots of advantages. Oh and it goes right over the pj's so now the neighbours don't even see those - although there aren't many awake on the weekends at that time. Larry put some more wood in the basement and I decided it would be the day to take down the tree and decorations. Oh my back hurt by the time I finished. Some will say it's early but for me I enjoy the decorations and the tree before Christmas. Now I've got to take one last look around and see what I've forgotten before I close up the closet for another year.
 The moon was still in the sky when I went out yesterday morning.
 The sun was beginning to glow behind the tree line.
 The bushes were coated in icy snow.

When the sun hits the ice and snow you can see different colors.
 I was surprised the oak tree was holding quite a few leaves still.
 Later in the morning. Beautiful winter day.
So our Christmas tree will now be a winter shelter for the birds. We put it out by one of the feeders.

Enjoy your day!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Day 363 - 28th December 2013 - Snow, Lighthouse, Gulls and Ducks

Thanks for all the wonderful input folks, seems like I will continue - what else have I really got to do at 5 am in the morning :) .  Well it's another cold morning, temperature is -8.9. No rhyme or reason to the weather that's for sure. Guess it's going to warm up, looks like we are in for a few days of mild weather and rain.  No fun there. Have no idea what we'll do today, might be a day to stay home, Larry said something about putting more wood in the basement and I could do a few things around the house. I'm itching to soon put things away and get the house back to rights.
It was another day of accomplishing very little and I must say I loved it. Wish I could have found the Snowy Owl again and a few more birds but we had a great outing. I started off the day with a walk around the hood. It was pretty quiet but pretty - we had fresh snow come down last night and early this morning. Went way out to the Point and took a few photos of friend's places. I needed winter pics, have summer and fall.  I was thinking this morning, how can you really miss all 4 seasons of the lake. Even in the winter it's pretty. We headed off to Cape Sable Island after my walk, in hopes of seeing some ducks, and whatever else may be along the coast. What we didn't expect was so much ice, guess they got freezing rain when we had snow. Was really hard getting down to the beach.  Of course we picked a cold windy day for beach walking. From there we headed to Baccaro, no sign of the Owls, but I did get some shots of the Snow Buntings. Canadian Geese on the way home and a few other ducks. Home again for an early supper, I hit the hood once more then a lovely soak in the tub.
I love the look of fresh fallen snow. Everything looks so clean.
 Lake and trees all were wearing a coat of snow.
 This was my favourite photo today. I took it at Daniel's Head and you can see Cape Light in the background.

 The sun was drawing water. Usually a sign of rain to come.
 A few gulls were hanging out with us on the beach.

 A Snow Bunting at Baccaro.
 A very small flock of Canada Geese, not far away was another that had about 250.
Some Black Ducks were bathing and preening.
Female Common Merganser.

Enjoy your day!

Friday, December 27, 2013

Day 362 - 27th December 2013 - Sunrise, Ducks and a Bald Eagle

Not as cold this morning, temperature is -0.1. Guess a lot of people will be back to work today. A few places were open yesterday when we went through town - Gas Stations, Tim Horton's, etc. So we are creeping to the end of another year, not many days left in 2013.  Now is when I think hard about continuing on for another year. Seems most days it's not a big deal to find the time to put it together, some days aren't great for taking photos, but other days I have to think hard about what to say and if it's boring or interesting. Since I really am writing more of a journal, maybe he doesn't matter if it's always interesting - life sure isn't every day. I think we'll head out sometime for some more birding, maybe we'll go checking for a Snowy Owl.
I was getting rather antsy to look for birds yesterday so we headed out before lunch. Stopped in town first and did a bit of visiting then drove down the Sandy Point road - various ducks were in the harbour and down as far as Locke's Island. Sure looked different than it did this fall when we were there. Was pleased to get better photos of the Bald Eagle in our area on the way home than I'd gotten before.  Holidays are meant to be lazy and spent with family and friends or doing things you want to do.
 I should have gone out about 5 minutes earlier but it was still very pretty.
 Seems the coldest mornings are the nicest.
 Black ducks and Mallards seemed to be plentiful.
 A Horned-Grebe.
 Looking towards Jordan Bay from the causeway at Locke's Island.
 A Merganser in flight.
 Every time I saw a flock they came towards me.
 A loon wearing his winter plumage and having lunch.
 These ones were in town and really tame.
 I loved watching them.
Some were close enough to reach out and touch.

Enjoy your day!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Day 361 - 26th December 2013 - Birds, Snow and Clouds

Brrr, it's a cold morning, temperature is -8.2. So we are suppose to have some snow flurries or a bit more and rain maybe. One of these days that you have options depending on where you are. Hoping to get out today for a good long walk. Will tidy up the house some, just things scattered around from opening gifts yesterday and maybe read for a while. I think a lazy day could be in order.
We had a lovely Christmas - ate way too much but that's truly the best part of it - the food and family. Lots of wonderful gift, was truly blessed in the birding department with new bird books for both of us and Larry built me a Swallow house and a Wood duck nesting box. As we have for many years we went to my parents for Breakfast and watched them open their gifts and then back again late afternoon for the Turkey meal. Somewhere in between I munched on chocolates and since Mom had extra dressing I spirited that home and snacked on some in the evening. So I'm thinking if I plan on fitting into my clothes I best get some exercise going on. Oh well the holidays only happen once a year.
The Evening Grosbeaks are regular morning visitors now.
 So after consulting our new bird books we've decided these are all female Red-winged Blackbirds. Eight females and two males are coming quite often now.
 Every few days the Starlings stop in, but don't stay a really long time.
 Ice in the ditches again with just a layer of snow over top.
 This little Goldfinch let me get quite close to him today.
 Some dark clouds over the lake, flurries every once in a while.
 Always a few Chickadees around.
The sun stayed mostly behind the clouds.

Enjoy your day!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Day 360 - 25th December 2013 - Birds, Ice and the Lake

Merry Christmas Everyone! Temperature is -5.1, giving a forecast of some flurries for today. I'm the only one up as usual, didn't do too bad as it's almost 5:30. Will wake the rest in a while. I enjoy a little peace and solitude in the morning. We'll have our Christmas Dinner at my Mom and Dad's today - our tradition. My Mom always cooks the big holiday meals and feeds the family. At times there's been a lot around the table, but later years it's been smaller. It's what I look forward to more than anything.
Larry and I had a good Anniversary. Kind of low keyed and relaxing. I finally got out for a walk around the hood yesterday, the rain finally stopped although we had snow flurries off and on. Pretty grey and overcast and quiet. I noticed the flock of Red-wing Blackbirds were back in the afternoon. Larry fried up lobster, mashed potatoes and veggies - just the way I like it for supper. Went to the Christmas Eve Service in our little Church up the road. It's a service put on by the community. As someone said last night almost like an old fashion Christmas pageant. Music and stories and lighting of candles. We watched a bit of tv and I had an early night.
I thought I would haul out Grandmother's Journal today:
24th December 1974: Christmas Eve. Lovely day. Some overcast, very mild. Light snow in the evening. Down to visit the kids, mothers for a while. Disappointed Jimmie didn't come home. 
25th December 1974: Christmas Day. Light snow all day. About 4 inches. Not as much in woods. We went to see the kids at 5:30am came home, had some breakfast back to bed for a while. Down home.[her mother's] Down to Bettie & Bobbies for dinner. Lovely dinner. 
 The ice is soft and breaking up in the ditches and lake.
 The birds seemed happier today, not rain to battle.
 The Chickadees are so cute and polite.
 Grey skies over the lake.
 I like the way it cracks and splits.
The Red-winged Blackbirds were back today - 7 females I think and I saw one male.

Enjoy your day!