Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Day 338 - 3rd December 2013 - Fog, Raindrops, Junco and Bling

A mild morning, temperature is +6.2. Rain on the way - sounds like a wet week. Back in the kitchen and decorating business for me today. Won't be a great day for photos unless something interesting happens through the kitchen window. Of course I get a little distracted and perch on the window seat hoping to get some decent shots. Might be why some things take me longer to make than they should. Think I'll make that turkey with the cheesy biscuits on top for supper - one of my favourite casseroles and ways to use up leftover turkey.
Another grey and overcast day. Some light drizzle around supper time. Continued with baking - cherry balls and molasses cookies made. Got some decorating under way. Am beginning to see a splash of color here and there, although have had to dust as I go. Guess that's all part of it. Lexi and I roamed the hood several times but it was pretty quiet. Lots of activity in my backyard. The Evening Grosbeaks put in an appearance, but apparently it was just to announce their arrival since they didn't hang around long. No photo opt. Of course all the regular birds were there.
 Everything was dripping yesterday morning.
 The water has risen, the old Oak tree has a limb touching the lake.
 A foggy morning, much of ice has disappeared.
 Need to get a better photo, but this Junco has a white wing.
 What characters, but it's nice when they share. Although the suet is really not for them.
 Most of the ice has melted and is drifting away.
A little bling on the tips of the needles.

Enjoy your day!

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