Thursday, December 5, 2013

Day 340 - 5th December 2013 - Birdhouse, Nuthatches and Berries

How exciting I see sun in the forecast for today!! Also looks like the only day we will see it, might help to perks us up some. It's bad enough that the days are so short but the constant cloudiness and dreariness can really get a person down. Temperature is +2.6. Back to the kitchen and baking, but I think Lexi and I will get in some extra outside time today. Taking advantage of the weather.
Well Wednesday was dreary and dismal and the wind went right through you. Managed a fairly peaceful day with a number of things accomplished although I was tired when I got home at supper time. Had my favourite - Bacon& Scallop Wrap for lunch at the Bean Dock. Larry's turn to cook - pan fried haddock and it was good. Spent most of the evening running scans and trying to get my laptop cleaned up - looks like I might have picked up something from an email I mistakenly took as being legitimate from someone! Grrr! Anyway - lesson learned.
 This is a wonderful looking birdhouse and handcrafted by a local guy.
 The Nuthatches are among my favourites.
 Not often you get to see them pose like this.
 Another dark sky.
A little bit of red left in the forest floor.

Enjoy your day!

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