Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Day 360 - 25th December 2013 - Birds, Ice and the Lake

Merry Christmas Everyone! Temperature is -5.1, giving a forecast of some flurries for today. I'm the only one up as usual, didn't do too bad as it's almost 5:30. Will wake the rest in a while. I enjoy a little peace and solitude in the morning. We'll have our Christmas Dinner at my Mom and Dad's today - our tradition. My Mom always cooks the big holiday meals and feeds the family. At times there's been a lot around the table, but later years it's been smaller. It's what I look forward to more than anything.
Larry and I had a good Anniversary. Kind of low keyed and relaxing. I finally got out for a walk around the hood yesterday, the rain finally stopped although we had snow flurries off and on. Pretty grey and overcast and quiet. I noticed the flock of Red-wing Blackbirds were back in the afternoon. Larry fried up lobster, mashed potatoes and veggies - just the way I like it for supper. Went to the Christmas Eve Service in our little Church up the road. It's a service put on by the community. As someone said last night almost like an old fashion Christmas pageant. Music and stories and lighting of candles. We watched a bit of tv and I had an early night.
I thought I would haul out Grandmother's Journal today:
24th December 1974: Christmas Eve. Lovely day. Some overcast, very mild. Light snow in the evening. Down to visit the kids, mothers for a while. Disappointed Jimmie didn't come home. 
25th December 1974: Christmas Day. Light snow all day. About 4 inches. Not as much in woods. We went to see the kids at 5:30am came home, had some breakfast back to bed for a while. Down home.[her mother's] Down to Bettie & Bobbies for dinner. Lovely dinner. 
 The ice is soft and breaking up in the ditches and lake.
 The birds seemed happier today, not rain to battle.
 The Chickadees are so cute and polite.
 Grey skies over the lake.
 I like the way it cracks and splits.
The Red-winged Blackbirds were back today - 7 females I think and I saw one male.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Merry Christmas Sista...they are still sleeping here lol. your Mum has been cooking dinner for a long long time as evident from Grandmother's Journal. A perfect fit for today and thank you. I might just become a. Member of the bird society yet as I find myself wondering "what kind of bird is that? " lol