Friday, December 13, 2013

Day 348 - 13th December 2013 - Sunrises, Tree Branches and Birds

Friday the 13th, wonder what that will bring...think positive! Temperature is -13.3, the coldest it's been this season. No internet this morning, so not sure how long that will be. Well I had it for 5 minutes when I first got up. Long enough to open up pages but to do very little. Have the butter and cream cheese out again. Today will be an oven day in hopes to warm up the house some too. Off with the Exercise girls for supper and our little get together.
A very very cold day Thursday, mid afternoon it was below 8, without the windchill factor. Colder as the day passed into evening. Thought I'd catch the morning sun so took my flashlight, tossed on some warm clothes over my pj's and off I went around 7 am. It was pretty under the trees especially as the light started to come through. Did some more baking or rolling, chilling, dipping. Even though it was cold I bundled up and roamed the hood several times.  Exercise class last night - another hard work out!
Grandmother's Journal -
13th Dec 1974: Overcast, very mild. Still wearing my light weight rain coat. Worked tonight.
14th Dec 1974: Overcast and windy all day. Raw and cold, light snow starting afternoon.
15th Dec 1974: Quite a nice day sun out. Lot of wind. About 3or 4 inches of snow. Quite a storm last night. Roads were awful.
[The 13th also landed on a Friday that year, sounds like the weather was a little better than we have to look forward to this weekend]
 It was still a little dark when I walked down the lake road. Trees were hanging over the road.
 The sky began to light up.

 Very soft shades pink over the cold partly frozen lake.

 I have about 6 Juncos now at the feeders. They are cute.
 Last few days we've had 5-6 Starlings around.
 I love the ice and snow on the tips of branches. So delicate.

My Christmas Flag was blowing in the wind.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. If snow can be pretty those pictures sure show it!! I figured you had no internet. Well have a great day :) i am going to try it was a rough ride in but got here safely ....a graet day to have a little Grandmother....thank you