Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Day 359 - 24th December 2013 - From the Kitchen Window again

Here we are at Christmas Eve and a very special day for me. 30 years ago Larry and I got married - a blinding blizzard, a minister who drove from Chester and almost married Larry to my friend who stood up with us, but we pulled it off. Oh we kept it simple and quiet, you can't do complicated when you plan it one week ahead of time (not that I wanted to). My idea of a wedding was our parents, 2 witnesses and the minister in the Church. Enough said, money kept to a minimum. We didn't need a whole lot of flash. So we'll have a special meal to celebrate, maybe go to church this evening at our community church up the road but other than that nothing exciting. Temperature is +1.8 but feels a bit cooler, suppose to have rain turning to snow later this morning. Hoping those travelling from afar to be with family are safe.
I'm really getting tired of rain, rain and no sun. Think I'll ask Santa for a few hours of sunshine. Another day of taking photos out the kitchen window. I love to watch the birds at the feeders but it's really limiting. So we delivered our gifts and I remembered to pick up salt. Did some laundry and a few things around the house. Had a few visitors, but other than that didn't strain myself too much.
 A wet day but quite a few Goldfinches were around.
 When they weren't in the feeders they sat in one of the apple trees.
 Even an Evening Grosbeak stopped by as well as the Red-winged Blackbird. But he's a little shyer.
Chickadees like the suet.

 Taking a rest on the fence and eating his seeds.
 Playing around with some tree photos.
The lights from the Christmas tree actually reflect out the kitchen window, looks like the tree outside is lit up. You can really tell I need some sunshine to go out with my camera!

Enjoy your day!


  1. Happy Anniversary to you both. It's snowing in town now and making me feel all Christmasy. :) Have a wonderful holiday season Kim and Larry.

  2. Happy Anniversary my friends 30 years is nothing to sneeze at maybe choke and gag lol I am planning on seeing you a little later if the weather cooperates!!