Sunday, December 29, 2013

Day 364 - 29th December 2013 - Moon, Sunrise, Snow and the Christmas Tree

A mild morning, +0.2, the temperatures are like a yo yo - up and down. Rain on the way for the next few days, sound like quite a bit, then the temperature will drop and we'll get flurries or snow later in the week. Am getting tired of miserable weather every Sunday.  Since we are suppose to have rain I better buzz around the hood for some photos this morning. This afternoon I'll do some dusting and put things back where the decorations were. A roast for supper sounds good and curling up with the Kobo and a cup of tea if it's raining.
Well it did eventually warm up, but when I made my first run around the hood shortly after 7 am it was -10 yesterday morning. Seems I like to catch the sunrise on the coldest mornings we have. I stayed pretty warm and can thank my Mom for that, she gave me one of her snowsuits. An ideal outfit for those early morning jaunts and if you want to crawl around the neighbour's feeders on your hands and knees or just lay there waiting for birds. Lots of advantages. Oh and it goes right over the pj's so now the neighbours don't even see those - although there aren't many awake on the weekends at that time. Larry put some more wood in the basement and I decided it would be the day to take down the tree and decorations. Oh my back hurt by the time I finished. Some will say it's early but for me I enjoy the decorations and the tree before Christmas. Now I've got to take one last look around and see what I've forgotten before I close up the closet for another year.
 The moon was still in the sky when I went out yesterday morning.
 The sun was beginning to glow behind the tree line.
 The bushes were coated in icy snow.

When the sun hits the ice and snow you can see different colors.
 I was surprised the oak tree was holding quite a few leaves still.
 Later in the morning. Beautiful winter day.
So our Christmas tree will now be a winter shelter for the birds. We put it out by one of the feeders.

Enjoy your day!

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