Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Day 353 - 18th December 2013 - Sunrises, Frosty Branches and Woodpecker

Here's Wednesday and another storm happening out there. Temperature is -1.3. Woke up to snow and more supposed to be on it's way. Environment Canada has it's big red "Snowfall Warning in Effect" bar up on their site. They are good - usually waiting til we are in the middle of it to warn everyone. Suppose to be rain in places later this afternoon. Sounds like a replay of Sunday. I'm going to keep myself home today. Am sure I can find some entertainment around the house. If worse comes to worse I've got a good book on the go. I do have to pay some bills, do laundry etc, all that really fascinating stuff.
I think the temperature warmed up to around -6, quite a bit warmer than it started out in the morning but still nippy.I zipped down to the lake fairly quickly around 7:20 to catch the sunrise, it was -14. Still in my pj's (thank goodness flannelette) but bundled up I nabbed a few minutes of the morning light.  I headed out for my walk a few hours later and then spent the rest of the day baking, filling and then I started to get some tins put together. I'm sure it takes longer to put it all in tins than it did to bake everything!
 The cold walk was worth the view.

 It was a Bling morning - the branches were dipped in frost and ice glistening in the morning sun.

 Even the snow was sparkling. It's almost hard enough for me to walk on.
 There were about 4 Woodpeckers at Lois' this morning - both Downy and Hairy.
A rather bossy looking Blue Jay standing on the feeder.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Only two birds...I am in heaven lol just kidding!!