Friday, December 27, 2013

Day 362 - 27th December 2013 - Sunrise, Ducks and a Bald Eagle

Not as cold this morning, temperature is -0.1. Guess a lot of people will be back to work today. A few places were open yesterday when we went through town - Gas Stations, Tim Horton's, etc. So we are creeping to the end of another year, not many days left in 2013.  Now is when I think hard about continuing on for another year. Seems most days it's not a big deal to find the time to put it together, some days aren't great for taking photos, but other days I have to think hard about what to say and if it's boring or interesting. Since I really am writing more of a journal, maybe he doesn't matter if it's always interesting - life sure isn't every day. I think we'll head out sometime for some more birding, maybe we'll go checking for a Snowy Owl.
I was getting rather antsy to look for birds yesterday so we headed out before lunch. Stopped in town first and did a bit of visiting then drove down the Sandy Point road - various ducks were in the harbour and down as far as Locke's Island. Sure looked different than it did this fall when we were there. Was pleased to get better photos of the Bald Eagle in our area on the way home than I'd gotten before.  Holidays are meant to be lazy and spent with family and friends or doing things you want to do.
 I should have gone out about 5 minutes earlier but it was still very pretty.
 Seems the coldest mornings are the nicest.
 Black ducks and Mallards seemed to be plentiful.
 A Horned-Grebe.
 Looking towards Jordan Bay from the causeway at Locke's Island.
 A Merganser in flight.
 Every time I saw a flock they came towards me.
 A loon wearing his winter plumage and having lunch.
 These ones were in town and really tame.
 I loved watching them.
Some were close enough to reach out and touch.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Kim, your blog/journal is never boring. I love starting my day with it each and every morning. Love the pictures, no matter what they are. I've saved many of them on my computer to use as my computer background. That' lake is so special to me. Personally, I'm being a bit greedy here and hoping you continue. However, you need to do what makes you happy. Thank you for helping me start my day on a happy note. :)