Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Day 346 - 11th December 2013 - Fog, Rain Drops, Chickadee and Ice

Wednesday and my day in town. Temperature is -5.9. Flicked on the back outside light and it looks like a winter wonderland. Oh the kind of day I 'll love to be home and  the first one to tramp through the woods on fresh laid snow. Also days I dislike being on the road. I've got things that need to be done so off I'll go. Bills to pay, parcels to deliver and volunteer work to do. Come January when it's much colder I won't go in as much, if Larry's not home, I'll need to be to keep the furnace going. I can't believe it's only two more weeks til Christmas, tomorrow I need to crack on and get things finished up.
Tuesday was a day of this and that - both for me and the weather. I got some Christmas cards done up, some housework, laundry, etc done. Even got my walk in while the weather was pretty good but it was really foggy and very quiet. Later in the day we got snow, then rain, then snow so it was a mix of this and that. Of course that meant the internet went out before supper. Oh what a sucky system this is! Read a book and watched Tv for the evening, Larry had fire practice.
 More wet tree branches.
 Soft cracking ice in the Cranberry ditch.
 The ice had heaved in layers in this area.
 Thank goodness for the pines that add some color to this time of year.
 Very foggy morning on the lake.
 A good day for reflections though.
Was snowing hard and I caught this little guy out the kitchen window.

Enjoy  your day!

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  1. As I scrolled down I thought no birds hallelujah...only to see one at the end lol. just kidding although if you had been here you would seen a lovely bunch of geese hunkered down in the cove. I am not a snow lover but oh my it was pretty and the three dogs had a field day truing to find the balls I was throwing them. Kasey resembled a ground hog. Have a good day!