Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Day 366 - 31st December 2013 - Evening Grosbeaks, Lexi and So Long 2013

It's nippy out there this morning - temperature is -11.6. Feeling better this morning- hopefully I'm on the mend. Here we are saying goodbye to another year. Wow - can't believe how fast the months flew by. So lately I've been thinking - did I do everything I wanted to, should have or could have in 2013? Who knows and when you get down to the last few days it really doesn't matter that much. There were happy times, some sad times, hopeful and disappointing times. One thing I know there is no going back, no what ifs and it's too late for regrets. Larry and I took time last year to do things together, even if it was only a weekend jaunt to a beach or the woods in search of birds. That was good. I spent less time worrying about what someone else may think - it really doesn't matter does it?  So when 2014 arrives I'm ready. I'm starting off with the attitude it will be a good year, even though I'm a little worried about some stuff.
Yesterday wasn't a great day, I spent most of the day in and out of consciousness on the sofa. By supper time I thought I was coming around some but my stomach started flip flopping once I ate again. Another gravol and a murky evening. So that was my excitement. Thank goodness I still have Nurse Lexi at my side. We did receive three lovely parcels in the mail that perked me up. Chocolates from our friends in Germany - always a favourite of mine and our wonderful Archaeology student who stayed with us this fall from England sent us gifts - a pheasant for Lexi, cup and saucer, tea, bath goodies and chocolate. The third was a beautiful calender from my friend Sandy in Scotland. Fabulous photos of Scotland on each month. Thanks everyone, it really makes us feel special.  So much fun, was just like Christmas all over again.
 A Guy and his Gals.
 This Junco was hunting for seeds.
 He was a bright spot on an otherwise dull day.
Lexi with her new pheasant.  She loves her toys.

Enjoy your day, remember to travel safe if you are out bringing in the New Year to night!

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  1. Happy New Year Kim, hope you're feeling better soon