Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Day 1 - 1st January 2014 - A New Day - A New Year, Birds, Lakes and Skies

4 am may not be the way to start this day off, but here we are back at Day 1 and a New Year. Hope everyone had an enjoyable and safe evening.  At least I could throw a few more sticks on the fire as the temperature is -12.1, certainly a cold one.  Did you make New Year's resolutions ? I really don't anymore - used to do the - lose weight, etc etc. Maybe I should have added that one, but I'm counting on Cindy to do her thing and look after that at exercise class. What are friends for? Back to resolutions - I think to take a hold of life and live it to it's fullest. It's all right to have a down day or two but don't let them get a hold of you. Enjoy the family and friends that you love while you have them, don't wait, do it now. So that will be me in a nutshell for 2014. Just doing my thing as they say! Well it's all about the food again today. Off to Mom and Dad's for another slap up meal which I'm sure will involve cheesecake and maybe a trifle for dessert.
Felt much better yesterday and more productive. A quick trip in town to do a few errands, too cold to hang around long so we were back home in short time. A walk around the hood resulted in a very peaceful thoughtful trip. Our New Year's eve was spent quietly at home. TV, kobo for me, tablet for Larry (which he's froze up and I can't seem to get working again, oh my!). Lexi stretched out on her mat. Exciting we are not, but sometimes spending time with your loved ones is all you really need. Of course I've not stayed up til midnight in ages.
 I managed to photograph 102 bird species in 2013, which I was well pleased with. I know to some it may not seem like a lot but the bulk of those came from this area. There was nothing more exciting than to have our Canada Geese - Kate and William bring out their babies to show us, the Wood Ducks in the lake or the many Warblers around the hood. As wonderful as it was to see the rare Bean Goose in Yarmouth and the Snowy Owls for me the thrill was identifying and photographing those birds right under my own feet. Now to start a new list.
Female Red-wing Blackbird and Mourning Dove sharing a feeder.
A lone Cowbird spent most of the day hanging out around the yard.
The Juncos are getting less and less bothered by who is watching them from the window or Lexi on the deck.
I liked the brilliant blue streak of sky showing through the clouds over Beaver farm Lake.
Our lake was quiet.
Frozen in time.

He was actually where he belonged - in the woods but stopped long enough to pose for me.

Enjoy your day!

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