Saturday, January 25, 2014

Day 25 - 25th January 2014 - Ducks, Icy Rocks - a trip to the Shore

Brr, another cold morning, -8.5 but I guess that's mild compared to yesterday.  Suppose to warm up later today, then be a bit milder for a while. I guess today I should to everything plus some that I planned to do yesterday. Tomorrow is another wasted day since it's our turn to do the breakfast in the morning at the Hall. So today is a day of work- house, research and maybe even some on the last few grants I have to get done before the end of the week.
Headed out on my walk early yesterday morning, it was really cold and I wonder why I do that. I guess for me mornings are best and the most enjoyable. It's a way to start the day off with a little peace and I can line up my day. Good thing I got some laundry done and buzzed around the house as we blew a good part of the day away and went birding. Didn't see a lot of birds but we got in one very good cardio workout. And we were very fortunate to have a tour guide, another birder showed us the area. We've been down there several times, but really got a lot of great info  from Bill. Nice to have someone tour you around even if it was a quiet day in the bird world. We did almost 3 hours of walking. Then it was off to town and groceries and home again. A pretty laid back evening.
 Soft shades of morning in the background.
 But the brilliance of the sun soon comes through.
 Larry with the binoculars checking for ducks. He's my spotter.
 Harlequin Duck - a new one for my list.
 Long tails or what we always called Old Squaws in flight. Another new one for my list.
 The rocks were covered in ice.
 So cold looking.

 The ponds we usually see ducks in were frozen over.

 The waves were crashing over the rocks.

A Horned Lark.

Enjoy your day!

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