Monday, January 20, 2014

Day 20 - 20th January 2014 - Goldfinches, Snow and A Woodpecker.

Monday morning, temperature is 0.6, looks like that will start  dipping down after today and become more "seasonable" again with some snow this week. The weekends go by really quickly, wish we could stretch them out longer. Time to get at things, need to get those grant applications finished up in the next few days that I started on last week, not interested in dragging them out longer than necessary. After writing them for 11 years I'm not really interested in that either but they have to be done. Definitely will get out around the hood today and check out the water, should have started to recede  now. Exercise class tonight - rah!
Well hopefully we are back to normal and regular hours until our next wet snow storm. It was a long and busy day yesterday. I had a very early night, took my kobo went to bed to read but didn't last long.
 I love the way these two finches were posing.
 A winter wonderland as we drove up the road yesterday morning.

 McKay Lake.
Always a Chickadee hanging out.
 Lexi spent some time watching the birds at the feeder.
A Hairy Woodpecker finally found my suet log.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Darn I am getting good The Hairy Woodpecker, I identified lol. Don't get too excited I am not planning on joining any birding groups just yet! Have a good day and get the grants done.