Thursday, January 16, 2014

Day 16 - 16th January 2014 - Sun, Clouds and Harbour

Thursday, temperature is +3.4, no stars in the sky just more rain on the way. I don't know about anyone else but I'm beginning to feel like I should be moldy with all the rain we've had. This isn't what you'd call a typical winter - wonder why summer will be like. The next 4 days look to be about the same - mild and showers. I'm feeling more caged in with the rain then I ever would be with some snow. At least the snow I'd bundle up and go walking in, I don't like walking in winter rain. Enough complaining, should know by now that there is nothing you can do about the weather - just wait it out.
A beautiful sunny day - should have been home to roam the hood and play outside but nope, it was my town day. I get to be home on the rainy days. Something wrong with this picture! It was nice to get out for a day  - big treat  was finally getting my hair cut. Was beginning to feel way too shaggy. Now the next question is to dye or not to dye. Not sure what's up with my feeders these days but they are certainly very dull, not like the activity that I had last year. Maybe it's just too mild and they are feeding in the wild.
I'm thinking a very dear friend needs a bit of Grandmother's Journal:
January 12 1975:Beautiful day, like spring. Bob & Bobbie to MC. Overcast early. Roads bad. 
January 13 1975: Rained all night. Rained all day, at time heavy, very mild. Bob home today. 
January 14 1975: Overcast, very mild. Raining or fine snow flurries. Bob home. Roads muddy. Kim here. 

 I did catch a few photos yesterday morning. The sun was brilliant.
 Some more sprouts coming through the ground, guess the deer left a few apples.
 Almost like a ball of fire coming through the trees.
 Clouds were floating by.
 A little Chickadee sat on the telephone line and talked to me.
 The view up the Harbour was stunning.
The Park was quiet.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Thanks i needed a little of Grandmother this morning. You must be kind of like a mind reader or a Good Witch. Not much we can do about the weather and how ironic that is what similar this week as bin Jan 75'. Well I am awake I think and ready to take on the day (not really but I my best)