Saturday, January 4, 2014

Day 4 - 4th January 2014 - A Storm Day at the Kitchen Window

So today we will dig out, clean up and roam the hood to see what the storm left. Normally I wouldn't mind going out once it started to calm down some but yesterday was just too cold. This morning it's -16.7 but I suspect that the wind must have died out a bit, doesn't feel as cold in the house. I'm on the early shift to keep the furnace going, Larry does the late shift. I imagine all the cross country skiers will be out today, they've been waiting patiently for a good snow fall. I skied a few times years ago, but didn't seem to be my thing at the time. Larry used to enjoy going but after breaking is leg (not from skiing) the second time, decided it might not be a good idea anymore and I was happy to agree. I've often thought I'd like to try snowshoeing.
The first storm of the year came and left. They called it right, it snowed, it blew very hard and was darn cold. Along the coast there were storm surges. The water came over wharfs and up streets in some areas before subsiding yesterday morning during high tide. I didn't even bother going out, puttered around the house, cracked open a box of chocolates, read and watched the birds at the feeders. Guess that's what you call a lazy day. Larry and Lexi went out for an hour or more and shoveled, a lot of drifting took place with this one.  He figured on getting some done before the plow came by and made the pile higher and the end of the driveway. I was rather surprised that we kept our internet all day too, not that I'm complaining but last summer we had two months that he didn't work barely a day in fine weather and never missed a beat in a blizzard. Must be one of those mysteries of life - who knows!

 It was not a day to be a bird - they all looked cold and snowy.
 It was a good idea to put some extra food out for them.

 No one squabbled today, everyone shared and ate together.
 I'm not sure if he was jumping or the wind was blowing him.
 Hang on!

 The Starling stopped by too.

 Quite often they'd stop for a few minutes on the fence.

 We tossed some extra seeds down on the deck.
 And it snowed.
 And snowed.
 Mourning Doves - several arrived.
 The Cowbird.
Looking cold and grim.

Enjoy your day, be careful shoveling!

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